Please note parents and campers (ages 8-15) are priced separately. Packages include:

  • Airport shuttle
  • Accommodations
  • Meals
  • Lodge amenities (parents)
  • All camp activities, speakers, & courses (campers)
  • Non alcoholic beverages
  • Good morning coffee service (parents)
  • Guided Lodge Activities (parents): rafting, horse-back riding, hiking, snorkelling, kayaking
  • House Alcohol (parents)


Prices do not include taxes.
Prices are based on week long programs.

$2000/week/eco-wild camper

Lodge accommodations for parents:
$4800 per person/double occupancy

$5900 per person, single occupancy

**Please inquire for locals pricing


Please Inquire for
Summer 2017: June-August

Gear List

We will provide gear that you do not have on hand, please do not feel that you have to buy any items for the camp.

  • Water Shoes
  • Runners/Hikers
  • Riding Boots (something with a heal and close toed)
  • Rain Jacket
  • Sleeping Bag (optional)
  • Thermo-Rest (optional)
  • Pillow
  • Back Pack
  • Water Bottle
  • Sun Screen
  • Bug Spray
  • Bathing Suit
  • Toiletries
  • Towel/Wash Cloth
  • Riding Helmet (optional)
  • Hat or Cap
  • Shorts
  • Lifejacket (optional)

Our Eco-Wild camps are a favourite for youth aged 8 – 15, focused on teaching life skills while developing a love and appreciation for the outdoors. This is a time for families to come together. While the children are camped out in tents learning everything there is to love about nature, the parents can enjoy the luxurious amenities of Bear Claw Lodge and their own choice of activities. The seven-day, seven-night camps include a myriad of outdoor adventures, starting with swift water safety, which then allows our councillors to take campers on the river throughout the week, rafting, kayaking, swimming, snorkelling and saving trapped salmon fry. Other skills the campers learn include knot tying, fishing, picking berries and making jam, making bread, campfire cooking, gpsing and mapping, processing fish and planting trees.

Horseback riding is another key component of each Eco-Wild Camp, with Bear Claw’s councillors teaching youth how to be comfortable and confident around horses before riding. Camp attendees will also hike through the surrounding landscape using the map and GPS skills they have learned. Campers also learn to identify tracks, trees, herbs, and plants.

Our councillors are highly motivated, skilled in the outdoors and have an excellent rapport with the campers. Our councillors are carefully selected and all have much to offer the children.  One of the camps’ favourite activities is playing ‘Mantracker’, trying to outwit Mantracker TV series champions, Alana Wadley and Kaleigh Allen.

We hope the children will acquire an appreciation for conservation and the environment. In addition to our amazing councillors, there are many instructors and guest speakers who attend the camp throughout the week, sharing their knowledge with the kids. Past guests include: Walter Bucher – Swift Water Safety, Roy Henry Vickers – World Famous Native Artist and Motivational Speaker, James D’Angel – Federal Fisheries, Ali Howard – The woman who ‘Swam the Skeena’, Shannon McPhail – from Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition, speaking about conservation and the environment, B.C. Parks – Teaching ‘Bear Awareness’, David Nash – Dutch Oven Cooking, Heather Muir – Plant Medicines, Ida Nash – Tree Planting, Vicky Lee – Campfire Treats, Jim Allen – Fly Casting, and Craig Roy-Helicopter rides and safety.

We want parents to enjoy their family vacation. Giving them time with their children and also some alone time to enjoy the amenities Bear Claw Lodge has to offer. Taking advantage of our outdoor cedar sauna or our indoor river rock hot-tub before enjoying a relaxing massage. Of course, included in the parents’ package is hiking, horse-back riding, kayaking, rafting, and snorkelling. We want families to unplug and reconnect. What better place than the pristine wilderness of Northern British Columbia!